Rizal abdulhadi is a musician /a songwriter / an Indonesian folk singer who dedicates his music to a real change towards better life in this country even world. He also hopes his music with poems lyrics can broaden back the literature that had been soared. With his guerrilla concert entitled 'Konser Pembebasan' (liberation concert), he builds hospitality with others and sets the stages in various places and regions in Indonesia,such as in paddies, rural areas, urban areas, factories, on the road, at stations, in traditional markets and anywhere. He is also active in a music community and establishes studio workshops in some areas in Indonesia. Besides singing and playing guitar, he is also able to play many traditional instruments frequently played in various performances.

Contact Rizal Abdulhadi Management:
Yulia Eb / AJ Susmana (081 76546 427 / 081 564 996 996) 
Jl. Abdullah Syafe'i no 51 Tebet, Casablanca
Jakarta -Indonesia

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